Whiskey Chair Jello

“Going a-gatewards” is an obscure bit of vanishing English, an archaic turn of phrase which once referred to the act of accompanying a traveler part of the way home. While there’s little physical traveling involved, that is essentially what we’re trying to do here. As the notorious Sonny Vincent said in his interview with Coilhouse, “the kids that dig deeper are cooler.” Going A-Gatewards is just some ground for digging. Our ever-growing collective is laying down a bit of ground-work, and we’re leaving it to you to go someplace with it.

So what’s this blog about, anyway?

Theatre. Movies. Music. Books. Art. Writing. History. Anthropology. Linguistics. Culture. Style. People. Friendship. Love. Sex. Kink. Geekery. Genderfuckery. Places we’ve been. Places we’d like to go. Hypothetical questions. Internet memes. Magic. Religion. Spirituality. Food. Alcohol. The weather. Anything and everything. Take your pick.

Who are you crazy people?

D.F. Savage, crackpot visionary behind this whole hairbrained scheme, is not always available for comment, but when he is, he prefers it verbose and profane. He likes a beer with breakfast because lucidity may be nice, but brilliance is key, and you must remember he is not shouting, he simply thinks best at a higher volume than you. This frigid little nomadic queer takes his life lessons from Aaron Sorkin and still wants to be Darth Vader when he grows up. He’s got a thing for misanthropes and malcontents and if you don’t see the appeal of trouble-making, scatterbrained, socially inept young geniuses in slovenly apartments, know he’s just waiting for the Stockholm’s to kick in.

Rin Barton is an out-of-work actor, Shakespeare nerd, grad school dropout, freelance sorcerer, internet bum, future crazy cat lady, and wanna-be YouTube celebrity. She runs the Going A-Gatewards Twitter feed, and in her spare time she writes novels, medleys songs that don’t go together, genderbends, and wears as many yellow things as possible.

Lanthir Calendae is a potter, a pornographer, an occasional editor, and a raving lunatic.  This bizarre little genderqueer Elf would rather be out wandering the wilderness right now, but is still stuck in school.  They attempt to solve all of their problems with music, art and dance, which seems to be going shockingly well so far.  In their spare time, Lanthir enjoys playing flute along with techno music, the deductive psychoanalysis of fictional characters, and going on long road trips living out of their truck.  Their favourite colour is green.

Steel Lucy is the one weird fairy your Catholic priest tried to exorcise a few too many times, so your mother let you keep her as an imaginary best friend.  She forgives you for the broken vase blame, by the way.   On her days not spent trying to build a portal into the steampunk universe she once discovered on a mind-altering trip, she reminisces about the days when living out of a beat up buick was THE option, and how she really should’ve taken that bassist gig.  She writes love poetry to mad scientists, and believes she will capture one for experimentation of the most delicious sort.

I have a question/comment/complaint/love letter/death threat. Where do I send it?

Comment on the entry in question! Or you can email us at goingagatewards at gmail dot com. We like feedback. It goes well with our drinks.

Can I follow you on Twitter?

Please do! We’re @GoingAGatewards there.

What does “whiskey chair jello” mean?

We’ve no idea.


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